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For the duration of G20 Fukuoka (June 8-9, 2019), major traffic restrictions will be in place throughout the city.
Serious congestion is expected in central Fukuoka and the surrounding area.
We ask for your cooperation in helping alleviate congestion caused by these restrictions.

Requests to all citizens

Refrain from driving into central Fukuoka

Please keep your car use to a minimum and use public transport instead, such as trains, the subway and buses.
We also recommend park-and-ride, a system that allows you to drive to the parking lot of your nearest train station etc. and continue your journey using public transport.

Arrange courier collections and deliveries for alternative dates

Please keep courier collections/deliveries to a minimum during this period and arrange to have items collected or delivered on an alternative date.
*Couriers may experience delays in collecting and delivering items as a result of traffic congestion, etc. Thank you for your understanding.

Requests to all businesses

Adjust your work routine/schedule

Please keep company car use to a minimum, and reduce the number of products you order in/deliver.
Also, for the duration of the event, please select transport routes that do not pass through central Fukuoka, and consider shifting delivery times to night or early morning.
*Consignors are also requested to make adjustments to their collection and delivery schedules.

Limit events, etc.

Please refrain from holding events in central Fukuoka etc. and change the dates of events if possible.
If you have already organized for events to be held on these days, please consider taking steps to encourage people to use public transport.